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Ebb and flow

This week I've been in Cromer, spending time on the beach, which, as you can see from my photo has a shoreline with the most beautiful pebbles and stones. As the sea recedes more and more rock pools are revealed, all filled with small sea creatures. I can spend a good few hours immersed in exploring; looking for crabs and fish or picking out stones for examination.

I love using stones in my counselling work; allowing clients the time to pick out those which somehow resonate with them. On the beach, I follow a similar ritual. I'm often drawn to those which have conflicting characteristics; light and dark, smooth and rough, gnarly and easy. Stones integrate all these opposing features so well. In fact in my opinion, its what makes them so interesting and so appealing. Much like the stones, as humans we have the capacity for this dichotomy and it is only when we can integrate all aspects of ourselves that we can truly own our wholeness.

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